Our Services

Starting in the early days if the web, three-x-square brings twenty years of experience deploying complex applicatins using a multitude of technologies and trends. Let us help you organize your technology operations and provide the architectural advice needed to make your business flourish.

AWS Architecture

Best practices and architecure to deploy your project on Amazon Web Services

API Development

RESTful API development with proper documentation can integrate your data across multiple devices.

JavaScript Applications

With Node, React, and React Native, JavaScript has the ability to power web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Mobile Applications

We can integrate your mobile applications with your API, while creating an isomorphic environment for you development team.

Technology Operations

We will create technology operations plans for product and tech teams to move you in the right direction.

Cloud Budget Analysis and Optimization

We believe a quantitative analysis approach in revewing your cloud budget is the most effective way to direct technology and lower costs.


Proper development and deployment tools can have a dramtic affect on code quality, accuracy, and release cycles.

Security Audits

We can audit your code, servers, and network to ensure your applications are following proper standards.

We build architectures and operations to last.

We will guide you through the latests trends to find the right path for your bussiness' long-term success.